Ice Lamp

This is a fun little thing we did with our 2.5 year old as soon as the weather hit negative double digits: an ice lamp! Lucas is quite fascinated with ice right now, so it was a perfect wintery thing to do.


It is really easy to make.
Fill up a balloon with water. The bigger the balloon, the bigger the ice lamp will be. Place it outside.

In a couple of days, bring it in. The actual balloon gets very thin and fragile, so make sure you have a bucket or a pail to put it in right right away. Otherwise you will risk having a giant slippery ice ball filled with cold water in your hands. (Don’t ask me how I know…) Once you peel the balloon off and dump the water that didn’t freeze, put the ice lamp on a tray or a big plate and put a flameless candle inside. Turn the lights off… and enjoy some Christmas magic!


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