My name is Aliona Rondeau and Sunny Wind photography is my dream that has come true.

I love photography. Simple as that. I love it that a picture captures a fleeting moment and saves it for you. When I had my son, I realized how fast time flies. How fast they grow. How fast you forget. And I also realized how powerful a photo can be. You look at a picture and the memories come flooding back to you: how happy you were, what it felt like and for a minute… that moment from the past is almost palpable. Did I mention I love photography? It inspires me to no end. You inspire me with your faces, with your stories and with your moments.

What else I love:

– my family: my whole-souled and loving husband William and my sunny spirited 6¬†year old son Lucas. They are my life, my inspiration and my blessing. We also have a cat, who is quite a diva. But she is fluffy and snugly, so we don’t mind.

– Calgary and the crazy beauty of the Rocky Mountains. They strike me every time I see them. How lucky I am to live so close to them!

– travel. Seeing new different places is so recharging and catalyzing.

– books, colourful things, ocean, flowers, late summer nights outside, golden leaves, sunsets and… taking pictures of all that.