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Can you believe that January is over? It went especially fast for us, as we were lucky to spend one week of it in Cancun! The ocean was absolutely magical (although pretty rough), and I could just sit and stare at its beautiful turquoise water for hours.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! – Calgary Family Photographer

The merriest and the coziest Christmas and New Year to all!

Thank you, my dear friends and clients, for your loyalty and your business, your feedback and likes! It was another amazing year of work for me. I’m so honoured you pick me to capture your special moments and I hope to see you in 2016!



Winter Sunset in Russia

My parents sent me this picture of a beautiful winter sunset that they got to witness by their cottage at the lake. I just couldn’t help but share it on my blog here, it is so gorgeous!


Winter Getaway

We spent the last week of January in beautiful Mexico! It was sunny, tropical and very relaxing. (Now, we’ll just pretend that we didn’t miss the +17C chinook in Calgary).

Now my winter time off is over and I am happy to be back to work taking sessions and posting on the blog!





Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to all my dear clients and readers! I have had an amazing year and I want to thank each and every one of you for your business! I enjoyed working with all of you guys and I spent a lot of happy moments photographing you and editing the pictures.

Hope everybody has nice relaxed holidays and a great 2015!


(I know it’s not quite written on my cat’s face, but she’s wishing you happy holidays, too! Meow!)

Calgary Family Photography: Happy Canada Day!



I was so happy when I spotted these beauties in the supermarket! Crocus is one of my favorite flowers, but unfortunately, I don’t see it in Calgary that often. So of course, once I saw these on the shelf, I had to grab them! They are just too pretty.




Ice Lamp

This is a fun little thing we did with our 2.5 year old as soon as the weather hit negative double digits: an ice lamp! Lucas is quite fascinated with ice right now, so it was a perfect wintery thing to do.


It is really easy to make.
Fill up a balloon with water. The bigger the balloon, the bigger the ice lamp will be. Place it outside.

In a couple of days, bring it in. The actual balloon gets very thin and fragile, so make sure you have a bucket or a pail to put it in right right away. Otherwise you will risk having a giant slippery ice ball filled with cold water in your hands. (Don’t ask me how I know…) Once you peel the balloon off and dump the water that didn’t freeze, put the ice lamp on a tray or a big plate and put a flameless candle inside. Turn the lights off… and enjoy some Christmas magic!


Happy Halloween!

This year we decided to be different and get a warted pumpkin for our annual Pumpkin Carving Tradition. I had this idea of carving a face with an open mouth and huge teeth and then place a baby pumpkin in those teeth. So at the Pumpkin Patch we picked up this pumpkin all covered in warts, and I was envisioning our cool scary pumpkin face. Little did we know that this kind of pumpkin is hard as a rock!

So, we decided just to paint on it, even though it sorta breaks the tradition. So, there you go, a Very Spooky Black Cat and some minions!


I just realized that it’s the second year in a row that we are not having much luck with our pumpkin carving. Last year we carved an owl. Well, we thought we did. Because everybody who saw it, said it looked like a beetle. And if you know me at all, you would know that anything that has more than 4 legs will be the last thing I would want to see, draw or let alone carve. Here it is. I know, not even close.
 photo IMG_8463_zps0579fe27.jpg

So I guess, I should remember to go very simple and traditional next year!

Balkan restaurant in Banff

We have been going to this Greek restaurant in Banff for years. We discovered it the first summer I moved to Calgary and we have been fans ever since. It’s located on the main street (right by McDonald’s). The food is always delicious. They have great lunch specials. We would always go for our favorite calamari and donairs, but this time we decided to try something different. These feta cheese balls were amazing. Creamy inside and crispy outside go so well together. Add some Mediterranean salsa and it’s perfection itself.


Feta cheese balls

And we ordered a share platter of appetizers. It included calamari, spanakopita (phyllo pastry filled with spinach and feta), Greak meatballs (big hit with our toddler), dolmathes (stuffed vine leaves) and grilled pita. And tzatziki, of course!


A share platter of appetizers

Balkan Restaurant Menu

Balkan Restaurant
120 Banff Avenue
Banff Alberta

Phone – +1(403)762-3454