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Baby’s First Year Package – Calgary Baby Family Photography

Baby’s First Year is a unique package from Sunny Wind Photography that documents your baby’s first year in a series of pictures. I photograph your baby (starting from pregnancy) throughout his or her first year and by the end of the project you get a beautiful custom designed photo book with all the pictures of your little one. You can see what a photo book looks like HERE. You also get the the printing rights for all the pictures.

This is a great keepsake for one of the most special times in your life. Your baby’s first year is very special and it goes by SO quick. Before you know it, your sweet tiny newborn is a toddler, running around and talking. It is mind-boggling what kind of evolution 365 days can produce, when it comes to babies. And you might find yourself realizing that you FORGET. You forget how little they were. What hilarious faces they made when they were just waking up. How wise their eyes were at times when they were looking at you at the age of barely several days. And oh, those toothless smiles!

And that’s when having a professional photographer documenting your child’s first year comes in handy. Not only do you get beautiful pictures that you can share throughout the babyhood, but you also do not have to worry about having your camera handy in every day life, downloading and organizing the pictures and finding time to fill out the baby book. You will also find that your toddler (and once he or she grows older) LOVES those books about herself or himself!

This package can be highly variable in terms of number of sessions and products offered. Custom designed birth announcements, Christmas and other holiday cards are available. Each package is individually designed, so please, contact me for pricing.

Here is the small part of the pictures that I took for Jillian during her first year. We did simple portraits, as well as special holiday sessions, i.e. St.Patrick’s Day, First Mother’s and Father’s Day, Halloween and so on.

Jillian's First Year Collage copy

Baby’s First Year Photobook – Calgary Family Baby Photography

A photo book is a great alternative to traditional photo albums. While it looks like a real book, it is fully personalized. I custom design all my photo books from scratch, which makes each of them unique. Not only does it create great memories, kids also love having and looking at real books with themselves as main characters!

This is a book that I designed for one of my favorite models, little Jillian. This photo book was to crown the Baby’s First Year project that Jillian was part of, and which included me photographing Jillian at several points during her first year. The bigger book is 12×12 inches (30×30 cm) and the smaller ones are 7×7 inches (18×18 cm).



So here are some spreads.









000 026-027 Easter spread 000 090-091 Halloween copy copy 000 04-05 First Month Portraits copy000 022-023 St Patrick's spread